How to restore peace?… (Part-II)

Points to Ponder: October 08, 2017
Today we shall reflect on what causes peacelessness. Is it situations, people and surroundings or something else? Does a situation, or a behavior or an ambiance have the power to change my state of mind?  Yes only if its frequency is higher than my frequency. Which means if the negativity outside is more than the positivity inside then it can shift me to a place of peacelessness and vice versa. I am aware of what the frequency of the world outside is. Am I aware of what is the frequency of  the world inside? My inner world comprises of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and beliefs. What is the quality of my inner world? Let me turn my attention inwards and look at my inner world. Is it still, quiet and peaceful or otherwise? Let me turn my attention inwards and observe myself at different times of the day. Am I getting disturbed, hurt, angry, resentful, sorrowful, worried? What is it in me that is triggering these emotions. What is outside is what it is. What makes it good or bad is what is inside. For example, ego inside, creates a feeling of anger. Attachment inside creates a feeling of hurt. Greed inside creates a sense of discontentment. It is what is inside that colours what is outside. Le me find out what is inside without getting affected by its quality or enormity. Let me just objectively diagnose and accept the illness inside. Let me know myself through awareness.

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