How to restore peace?…(Part-I)

Points to Ponder: October 07, 2017
Today we shall ponder over how we come back to our original state of peace. Let me turn my attention inwards.Thoughts pervade the screen of my mind.  Let me have a close look at my thoughts. I cast a very objective glance at my thoughts. I am not judging, resisting or obstructing my thoughts. Just watching them. I am introduced to the different facets of my personality. I explore each facet with acceptance. There is the moral me, that keeps instilling guilt, the creative me that is craving for newness, the perfect me that is always finding faults, the discontented me looking out for appreciation and approval, the hurt me playing the blame game, the hungry me engaging in criticism and comparison and so on… As I watch my thoughts with a detached perspective, they tend to slow down and make way for the clearer, purer me to emerge. I meet the real me. The peaceful, loveful me that is at rest. That is giving and not seeking. That is contented and happy. I dwell in this space for some time.

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