Points to Ponder: Peace is our spiritual birthright

Points to Ponder: October 06, 2017
We all say that we are souls and a soul is energy. Now let us ask our self the question what kind of an energy am I, the soul? Am I thermal, electrical, nuclear, chemical or what energy? What is the latent energy of the soul or what is it made of? And what do we mean when we say I, the soul am an energy? Energy means power. The power to perform, the power to change. I, the soul am an energy of peace, love, purity, bliss and power. I can perform the act of thinking, decision-making and cognition based on my memory. I have the power of peace, purity and love contained within me. I am peace. I embody peace. Peace is my natural state of mind. Peace is the equilibrium to which the pendulum of my mind keeps coming back despite numerous oscillations. The restoring force that can always keep me anchored in peace is awareness. The practice the awareness that I am a soul. I am made up of peace. Peace is my birthright. Slowly peace is restored.

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