God is a being of purity, not a thing…

Points to Ponder: October 11, 2017
Today let us reflect on who is God? or wait is it what is God? OK… So let us first decide who qualifies as a who and what qualifies as a what. Who is a being and what is a thing. A being has the ability to think and feel whereas a thing lacks that ability. The ability to create thoughts is a very profound ability of the being. This is what differentiates it from the thing. So now let us think….because we are beings and not things. we are not mere passive recipients of the thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, vibrations and circumstances extended to us. We are beings… with the power to think and create all the above. So now let us think is God a being or a thing? God is not a passive element. God is a being. God is resonating at a vibration of His own.(His is just a pronoun of convenience. As God is neither a he, nor a she nor an it.) God is a being of purity.
We will reflect further on this.

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