Love GOD…

Points to Ponder: October 10, 2017
Do I love God? What are the parameters to find out whether I love God? What is love? What happens when one is in love? A little reflection would reveal that love is a state of complete surrender. Love is surrendering to the other. Such a state of surrender finishes the individuality of either and makes them akin. Love results in such alignment that we become alike. Seeing one reminds of the other. The heart is always attuned to the other and the song of the one’s heart is also the song of the other’s heart. Let me think what God is like? What would I become like when I am in love with God? God is the ocean of love. Eternal, unconditional and compassionate love. God’s love is inclusive. It doesn’t distinguish between one and another of the basis of religion, gender, caste, race, creed, nationality, material success and the like… Am I like God? Am I so all embracing in nature? Of course not. Then am I in love with God? Of course not. Had it been so, I would have been the mirror image of God. It is upheld in all scriptures that man is created in the image of God. But I observe all rituals, pray at the temple or church or mosque everyday. I remember His name. Then who am I in love with? Is it God or my idea of God?

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