A difference between hope and expectation…

Points to Ponder: November 1, 2017

Today we shall reflect on how God’s energy of acceptance changes us. For this let us first understand the concept of acceptance. Let us take an example. Lets say my child who is usually very calm and sweet is sick today. Because of this illness, he is irritable and throws tantrums. In this situation, I do not say that my child is an irritable child. I accept his behaviour. Because I understand that this behaviour is a temporary aberration from his normal course and has a reason behind it. Our attitude towards the child still remains that he is a sweet disciplined child and this hope and faith in our attitude helps the child restore his state of health. Similarly, even while God observes the abject behaviour of man today, His vision still hold the truth that originally each soul is pure. It is our journey which has made us wearied and it is this weary state that is manifested in the behaviour of man today. However, every soul still has a space where its pristine purity is intact. This part of the soul has not been corroded by time. God focuses on this pure space and the rule says wherever attention goes, energy flows, that thing grows. So God’s attention on my pure self filled with love and hope for me empowers me and enables me to rise above my self doubts and self deprecation. God’s love for me enables me to have faith in myself. The fact that God has hope in me makes me hopeful. 
There is a difference between hope and expectation. Most of us confuse our expectations with hope. Expectation aims at results. Hope facilitates the journey. If I expect from someone, I keep evaluating every second whether my expectations are being met. I do not allow nature to take its course. I keep getting disappointed and my energy shifts from that of hope to hopelessness. Hope is full of positivity. Hope comes from faith in God and in the laws of the universe.It comes from faith in the fact that all will be well eventually. So lets move with hope and make our hopes come true.

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