Anything that has a reason also has a season…

Points to Ponder: October 30, 2017

Yesterday we reflected on soul consciousness and how that leads to Supreme soul consciousness. Today we will reflect on the nature of God. We have been discussing that God is the ocean of knowledge, purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss and power. God is ever loveful. Which means God’s love is unconditional and boundless. What does this mean? Let us explore. Let us for a moment reflect on how we love? If I ask you is “I Love” a complete sentence? One feels that this “I love” should be either followed by you, him, her, this, that or the other. Which means the object of love is crucial to the flow of my energy of love. And then, the object of love should also qualify for my love. Which in turn means that my love has a reason as well. The reason could be physical beauty, inner character, some skill that the other possesses or simply, the vibration it exudes.¬† But there is definitely a reason.
Anything that has a reason also has a season. It does not continue forever. The season of love ends as soon as the reason ends. The reason is bound to end as this is a world where change is the only constant. It is therefore, that the love of humans is neither unconditional nor boundless. Now let us look at God’s love. God does not love because I qualify for His love. He loves because He is the ocean of love. He doesn’t love someone or something. He is steady at a frequency of incessant love. He loves because He is the ocean of love.
Let me sit back for a few seconds and stay in the awareness of being His child and draw His love to radiate it to each one around me.

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