Connection between consciousness, attitude, action and manifestation…

Points to Ponder: October 26, 2017

Yesterday we reflected on why we need to know the truth from God, the truth and how truth leads to freedom. Today we shall explore how truth leads to freedom. For this let us first understand the connection between consciousness, attitude, action and manifestation. Let us take a simple example. Suppose a proficient surgeon is all set to perform an operation. He is completely available and ready with all the skills and knowledge required to perform the operation. Suddenly, he notices that the patient on the operation table is his own son. Can he still perform the operation with the same dexterity? No. Now let us explore why? This is because although he is the same person, his consciousness has shifted from that of a doctor to that of a father. It is so interesting to observe that I am the same person but before my child, I am the parent, before the student, I am the teacher, before the boss, I am the employee, before the patient, I am the doctor and so on and so forth. So my consciousness of who am I keeps changing with the people I am with or the place I am in. In office, my consciousness is that of discipline, at home, relaxed, in the temple, my consciousness is that of a devotee.
Consciousness is very intricately connected to my attitude and action. When I am a doctor, I think like a doctor and act like a doctor. When I am a parent, I think like a parent and act like a parent. This world is nothing but a manifestation of the sum of our individual consciousness put together. So if we wish to change the world as it is today, we wish to check and change our individual consciousness.
Tomorrow we will reflect on what God’s knowledge is about our true consciousness…

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