Detachment leads to love…

Points to Ponder: November 3, 2017

Today we shall reflect on the mechanics of attachment and also see how detachment protects my energy of love. Let us understand attachment first. Let me just take a second and expand my awareness. Right at this very point of time, there are at least several million events taking place in the universe. Amongst these myriad happenings, how many affect us? A few. And which are the ones? The events that involve people, places and things which I consider “MINE”.So this “my” consciousness is the cause of attachment. Anything has a power to affect me if only I consider it “mine”. This “my” consciousness is also the root cause of expectations. And whenever, they don’t obey my dictates, I am disappointed. Lets take a very simple example. I love “my” child. So there is a basic conduct that is expected of a “my” child. And if that is not fulfilled, my child is a “bad” child.

As a soul, I am in my depleted state in kaliyug right now. Since I am not full within myself, I meet my subtle needs of love, care, belonging, happiness, power, peace through these people, places and things. And if they refuse or fail to provide my requirements, I am disappointed. Now let me visualise a state where I am full in my virtues. Then I do not need, do not operate in “I and my” consciousness as “I and my” consciousness is a product of my ego which is a result of my depletion. Then I do not attach, do not expect and do not get disappointed. Instead, I love. Detachment leads to love and attachment leads to expectation. Love is giving and unconditional. But to reach a detached state, we need to be complete in ourselves.

Tomorrow we will understand the role God plays in making us complete.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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