Points to Ponder: November 2, 2017

Today we shall reflect on the concept of detachment. Detachment is one of the most widely misinterpreted terms. Today we shall try to discover what it really means. Let us take an example. Suppose my child has caught chicken pox. I know that chicken pox is contagious and physical contact with the infected can infect us too. In this case, what is my role? My role is to first take care that I don’t get afflicted and then take care of the child completely. Is it selfish to first take care to ensure my immunity? Or is it for mutual benefit? In this example, I very well understand that I can ensure the child’s well being only by ensuring my well being first.
Now let us replicate this situation to emotional illness like lust, anger, ego, hurt, pain, greed. These emotions are contagious. If I am tuned into the person infected with these emotions, then they start colouring my feelings. Just take a second to visualise a situation where someone I am tuned into or attached to is in ego or pain, we can see that it arouses my ego or pain immediately. This emotional attunement which is normally called attachment makes me very vulnerable. It is the duty of every sane individual to ensure that he/she stays emotionally healthy and ensures the emotional health of others. The law says, energy flows from higher to lower frequency. If my frequency of peace and love is higher than the other person’s frequency of ego and hurt, then I have the power to stabilise them.

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