GOD…a beautiful point of light replete with the power of love…

Points to Ponder: October 12, 2017
Now that we have understood that God is a being, let us today reflect on the form of God. The form of God is a point of light. Then why is God known to be formless? Because God is a point of non physical light. Non physical means not discernible through either aided or unaided sensory perception. God can only be perceived through the third eye, the eye of wisdom. He is not perceivable through the eye, ear, nose, tongue or skin. The human intellect has the capacity to understand God. Understanding is seeing. Anything that we can understand fully can be seen through the third eye. So God is a form of non physical divine light. God is not humongous in size. He is a fine point of light just like I, the soul. But God is boundless in His qualities. He is the ocean of knowledge, purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss and power. God is ever blissful (Sada Shiv). Now let me turn my attention to God. A beautiful point of light replete with the power of love. The energy of love flowing incessantly from the being of God and I, the soul having direct access to it. I open up the vessel of my mind and absorb the persistent ocean of love. I unplug my mind from everything else for a few seconds and just stay in this consciousness.

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