God can restore the world to its pristine glory…with our cooperation

Points to Ponder: October 17, 2017

Today we will reflect on what power does God wield. In India, God is known as the jaadugar, saudagar and ratnakar. But If we look around, we will be astounded by the magic of man. Man has been successful in creating technology to make life comfortable in a measure that can best be described as inconceivable a few years ago. He has scaled the tallest of mountains, fathomed the deepest seas. Man has been successful in creating virtual realities and 7 D technologies where the line between real and virtual fades out.
But let us reflect for a moment, what has man not been able to achieve? The gap between our thoughts, words and actions or the harmony of our hearts have been increasing. This lack of  synchronicity is what makes us increasingly a loner in this eventful world. We have all means of entertainment, we laugh louder, work harder but still feel empty inside. The natural streams of love and peace in our hearts have dried up and today we are surviving on small recharges of happiness through food, achievements, clothes, appreciation which are lost even before we have relished them.
God has the power to replenish us again with these fundamental virtues of love, peace, purity and bliss. He is the ocean of these qualities and can nourish our barren hearts. God can restore the world to its pristine glory and perfection but He does it with our cooperation. This is why it is famously said that God helps those who help themselves. Are we ready?

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