God is non judgmental…

Points to Ponder: October 31, 2017

Yesterday we reflected on how God is the Ocean of love. Today we will understand how God is non judgmental.
It is said that God is Trikaaldarshi. God knows the past, present and future. Seeing only the present makes us judgmental. For example, if we see a person scolding the other, we feel this person is wrong  in doing so. But if on further investigation, we find out that the person being scolded is the one who first abused, then we immediately say that this person is right in scolding back. In this example, we understand that in conventional morality, a negative reaction is considered right whereas a negative action is considered wrong. We think that I am wrong only if I initiate a negative karma. However, if I perform a negative karma as a reaction to someone else’s negative karma, it is right. If we closely observe, we find that all our actions are reactions today. This world moves on the principle of last effect is first cause. And so we are moving in vicious cycle of negative actions.
Since God is the ocean of knowledge, He is fully aware of this human predicament. It is therefore, that He does not judge. He understands that it is our conventional beliefs and the resultant negative actions that have put us in such a depleted state. Therefore, God loves incessantly and eternally. He knows that the only method to uplift us from this predicament is to fill our hearts with the power of love. God’s love enables us to accept ourselves. Acceptance is ironically the first step to change. And this is how God’s love purifies and liberates us.
Tomorrow we will understand how resistance makes a situation persist and how acceptance changes it.

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