GOD is not omnipresent…(Part-I)

Points to Ponder: October 13, 2017
Today let us reflect on where God lives. Does God live everywhere? God is the ocean of knowledge, peace, purity, love, happiness, bliss & power. Had he been omnipresent then the world would have certainly been resonating with the vibrations of these qualities. Let me look around and ask myself is it so? No. Then is God all pervading? No. Then let me reflect on why it is so believed? To answer this let us ask ourselves one more question. Is the sun everywhere? No. But is the light and warmth of the sun everywhere? yes. But if I lock myself up in a room without any doors and windows and sever all access to the sun can it reach me? No. Similarly, God is not everywhere. He is one and he dwells in a certain dimension which we will explore tomorrow but the soul has natural access to all the qualities and powers of God. but today we have locked ourself up in the cave of body consciousness where I have set limitations to my own self through false beliefs based on ego. I think I am only as good as what I do and what I have. This self limiting belief is what obstructs me from realising that I am a powerful soul, the child of God, I have a right to be, feel and think like my father.

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