GOD is not omnipresent…(Part-II)

Points to Ponder: October 14, 2017

Yesterday we reflected on whether God is everywhere. Today we will reflect on where does God dwell if He is not everywhere. To arrive at this, let us ask ourselves, where do we go in dreams? And where do we go when we are in deep sleep? Sleep is such an interesting phenomenon. We have this magical ability to detach from the body and position ourselves in the dimension beyond and absorb the vibrations of the world beyond. This ability to sleep is the natural ability of the soul to travel to the world beyond. During our deep sleep, if someone lifts the body and places it in a different room, we are sometimes unaware as our consciousness is situated in the other dimension. This is why sleep is called unconscious meditation and likewise meditation is conscious sleep. So there is a world beyond which is not a physical dimension. We cannot reach there on a plane or a rocket. So how do we reach there? Let us think how we sleep? Let the body be still and comfortable. Detach from the here and now. Tell your mind, its time to meet God, all else can wait. Now orient the awareness to a dimension that is full of golden red light. That world is resonating with the vibrations of peace and purity. The soft breeze of peace fills this beautiful world of divine light. Let me spend some time in this world and allow it to percolate into me.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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