GOD restores our conscience…

Points to Ponder: October 23, 2017

Today we shall reflect on the question of evolution. We have been taught that we are progressing. Now let us ask ourselves deeply are we really progressing? We think so because we are have been successful in devising ways to make our lives more comfortable. But actually, If we look closely all our so called progress is counter productive. We build air conditioners and refrigerators to beat the rising temperatures. However, appliances on the other hand are the cause of green house emissions which in turn are the cause of rising temperatures. Let us look at the state of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. The rise in the propensity of incidence of illness still outweighs all the medical advancement we have made. We invent medicines which cure one disease and cause another. The state of everything in the world is degrading. The world is moving from a state of order to disorder, beauty to ugliness, low entropy to high entropy.


Everything in this world is mutable but God is immutable. That is why He is called the truth. It is when the world reaches its rock bottom which is the best way to describe the present state of the world, that God comes and restores it. He does it by first restoring our conscience. That is why He is known as the buddhiwanon ki buddhi or restorer of conscience. It is said that if we violate our conscience for a long time, its loses its functionality. Today, man has lost his fundamental power of discernment of good from bad, desirable from undesirable, right from wrong, true from untrue. When God comes, the process of restoration begins.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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