Is GOD omniscient ?

Points to Ponder: October 15, 2017

Today we shall reflect on whether God is omniscient. And if yes, then what exactly does that mean? The literal meaning of omniscient is all knowing. So what does God know? Usually, people interpret it to mean that God is a mind reader. God is there in the other dimension sensing each of our thoughts. Just think for a moment, if you were bestowed with this ability to be a mind reader? Would it be a boon or a curse? The human mind today is in a state of acute chaos and today man is attempting to always remain glued to one or another of this senses so that he does not encounter his own mind. For example we are always, watching, hearing, smelling, feeling or tasting something so that we do not meet the chaos in our conscious minds. Then why would God be interested in knowing it?

Then what does God know? God knows everything. Humans are attempting at a “Theory of Everything”, a final theory, ultimate theory, or master theory. Something that explains everything. The what, how, when and where of the universe. God knows the answers to all the questions that have perplexed human minds since long. It is this knowledge of the universe that makes Him the ocean of knowledge. He is the one who knows that the universe does not only follow physical laws but also spiritual laws. The universe is composed of not just gross matter but also the the non physical dimensions and each of them follows certain laws. It is God who is the bestower of spiritual knowledge. This is why it is said “God knows”.

We will explore more on this tomorrow.

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