…the human concept of human and the human concept of God…

Points to Ponder: October 25, 2017

It’s been sometime since we started reflecting on the the self and God. We must have been wondering why it is important to do so. Don’t we already know enough about all this? We have been initiated into these concepts by our respective cultures and we are content in what we know. So why is there a need to deliberate on this further? Let us try to explore this today. It is said that truth leads to freedom. We are all in a state of bondage today. The bondage of the body, relationships, situations and most importantly of the self. The bondage of the self can be defined as the bondage of our own beliefs, habits and conditioning. The bondage of the self is so overt that in India, independence is translated as swadheenta or self bondage. Because we believe that even if we do away with all other shackles, this one continues.
God is known as the liberator. The one who liberates us from all bondages. Up until now, we have been introduced to the human concept of human and the human concept of God and this is why we have only become more human day by day. We say “To err is human, to forgive divine” and we have continued to err because this is what being human is about according to the human concept of human. The quest to know the self and God began in humans when we had lost the truth about both. You only search when you have forgotten or lost. All our findings are based on observation and introspection. We observed and introspected in our depleted state and then generalized that the eternal truth is that humans are a bundle of errors. However, today is the auspicious time when God, the truth himself has come to tell us the truth. It is very important that we listen to what He is saying, evaluate it against what we believe and align ourselves with Him. This will open the doors to true liberation.

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