This universe moves in a perennial cycle…

Points to Ponder: October 21, 2017

Today we shall continue to reflect on why God is called the creator. Let us look at the creation or universe. The universe is composed of three things. Souls, matter and God. No fourth aspect exists. Now let us reflect on the nature of each of these three. Science says that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change from one form to another. Spirituality says that Atma and Paramatma are ajar amar and avinashi. Which means that souls and God are neither created nor destroyed either. The universe around us is an interplay of souls, matter and God. Since neither of the three are either created or destroyed, the universe is also eternal. Never created, never destroyed. This is the simple reason why we have still not been able to solve the question “chicken or egg, who came first?”
The universe is eternal. It works on the principle”Last effect is first cause”. However, eternity is one of the most difficult concepts for the human mind to fathom. Our mind is used to linear thinking. We, therefore always think in terms of a beginning, a middle and an end. But this universe is eternal. It is a never ending cycle of cause and effect. Every last effect becomes a first cause which in turn gives rise to an effect which again becomes a cause for something else. This universe moves in a perennial cycle. Just visualize the sign of eternity. The universe is also moving like that. Every once in a while returning to the same point. The farther we move, the closer we are to where we began. And then it repeats again, identically. We will talk about this again tomorrow.

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