What GOD reveals me about who I am ?…(Part-II)

Points to Ponder: October 28, 2017

Yesterday we reflected on how soul consciousness frees us. Today also we will try to understand it better.
To understand how body consciousness (the understanding that I am what I have and what I do) puts us into bondage, let us take a simple example. Suppose I operate from the consciousness that I am a mother. Then attachment, expectation and resultant distress when those expectations are not met is natural to me. Lets say it is natural for a mother to expect in the least that her own child is courteous to her. And if he is not, then isn’t it natural to get hurt? Now, the energy of hurt is a negative energy that I am giving to the universe as a result of my mother consciousness. And the rule says whatever u give, comes back to you. So, I experience hurt twice. Once when I create it because of my acquired consciousness and again when it comes back to me as a result of my karma. And because it comes back to me either from people or situations or from unfavorable conditions of my own body, I again take that hurt to produce more hurt.
We have always been taught that giving sorrow is a sin but taking sorrow is not considered a sin. In fact people who take a lot of sorrow from people’s words or behavior or situations are considered sensitive and we are conditioned to think that being sensitive is good. So we in the first place create sorrow and then when it comes back again receive it to create more sorrow and this becomes a vicious cycle. What we just understood is the process of karmic bondage.
Tomorrow we will explore how to free ourselves from it and what role God plays in it.

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