What God reveals to me about who I am?…(Part-I)

Points to Ponder: October 27, 2017

Yesterday we reflected on how our consciousness of who I am affects how I feel, think and act.
Today we will reflect on what God reveals to me about who I am? God says that I am a soul. I, the soul am eternal and my basic nature is knowledge, purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss and power. I am made up of these 7 qualities. These define my soul power. I have three organs or faculties, the mind, intellect and sanskar. I, the soul think through the mind, discern between good and bad, logical and illogical, true and false, coherent and incoherent through the intellect and I carry impressions of all the acts I have performed, the beliefs I have upheld, the thoughts I have repeatedly thought as my sanskars or personality traits. When I leave one body and move to the other, I carry with myself my sanskar and my karma. Now let us see how this true consciousness leads to freedom. Normally, I consider myself as what I have and what I do. I am only as good as my height, weight, skin colour, gender, qualifications I possess or position I hold or the relationships in which people see me. This is why I am always either better than someone or worse than someone. Always on the seesaw of either of the inferiority or superiority complexes. My existence is a very relative and enmeshed existence where I am in the bondage of people, places and things.
Staying in the awareness of a soul enables me to operate independently of everything else. I am aware of my basic qualities. I know who I am and in any place, with anyone or in any situation whatsoever, all that I do, is be myself, feel, think and act according to my awareness of a peaceful and loveful soul. This realisation slowly liberates me and even while continuing to operate with the same people, places and things, I am no longer a captive of them.

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