…who do I actually love? Is it the people around us or our idea of them?….

Points to Ponder: October 24, 2017

Yesterday something happened that set me thinking about who do we actually love? People or our idea of people. Let me first relate the incident. Yesterday a lady shared that she is going through a peculiar problem. She related that her child is 7 years of age and she loved him a lot. When her child leaves for school in the morning, she remembers him very fondly and misses him. But as soon as he is back, he throws his things around, creates mischief, throws tantrums and she is immediately very disappointed and ends up beating him everyday. She asked me that she is confused whether she loves him or not. And if she does, why does she beat him? I asked her a simple question. How long this pattern has been going on? She said ever since he started going to school. Then I asked her, while the child is away at school and she reminisces him, does she love him despite his actions or does she imagine a different personality in his child and love him?
Now let us ask ourselves who do I actually love? Is it the people around us or our idea of them? People are who they are? Why they appear good or bad to us is depends on whether they correspond to our idea of them or not. Just clearing our minds of our own ideas would help us love people for who they are. And believe me they are indeed lovable.

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