God is neither formless, not gross in form like us…

Points to Ponder: November 7, 2017

Today we will reflect on the form of God.  Let us think if God is formless? It is sometimes believed that God is formless but anything that exists must have a form. It can have a gross or a subtle, a physical or a non physical , a corporeal or an incorporeal form. Nevertheless, it must have a form if it exists. So now, let us think if God has a gross form like us? For God to have a body, He must take birth from a body. A body can never be genderless, casteless, religionless and nationaltyless. Anybody gets a gender, a caste, a religion and a nationality by birth. It is said that God does not have these identities. So, it is not possible for God to have a physical body or to take a birth like we do. 
Now, let us have a look at what the various religions have to say about God’s form. Jesus said, “God is light, and I am the son of God”. Islam Says,”Allah ek noor hai or Noore Illahi”. Guru Nanak said, “Ek Onkar, Nirakaar”. In Hinduism, the first forms of worship were that of Shivlings built in diamonds and named as “Shiv Jyotirlingam” to denote that Shiv is a point of light. The literal meaning of the word Shiv is again, dot, seed and the benevolent one. So, if we closely see, God is neither formless, not gross in form like us. He is a subtle point of light. Geometrically, a point does not have a length, breadth or height and therefore can be considered as the interface between the gross and the formless. 
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

One thought on “God is neither formless, not gross in form like us…

  1. Wonderfully said. I am sure these simple explanations will touch many hearts, make them possible to connect to almighty. I am picking these articles and spreading this knowledge in “Quora” Where there are many seekers who pose questions on spirituality. All your articles are helping me to do this service in a wonderful way. Thanks Sister.

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