…material dimension follows the law of diminishing marginal utility…

Points to Ponder: November 6, 2017

Today we will reflect on God. 
To begin with, let me ask myself deeply, am I interested in God? Let me ask myself another question. Am I interested in peace, love, happiness and power? If I am interested in peace, love, happiness and power, I should and must be interested in the bestower of these. One who is interested in light, heat and vitamin D has to be interested in the sun. If I am not interested in the source, then I may  live all my life in the effort to obtain these, but they would always evade me. Today, people talk about peace and happiness but question the need for God. This is the only reason why peace and happiness which is our birthright as a soul has become a distant dream. Today we are living with the idea that happiness and peace are a by product of money, position, designation, relationships etc. But this material dimension follows the law of diminishing marginal utility. Each additional unit gives less and less satisfaction and the increase in an additional unit of material possession leads to less and less increase in happiness and peace eventually. But still the illusion continues until we reach the point where marginal utility reaches zero. 
Let me ask myself deeply, has my happiness and peace grown proportionately with the growth in my material acquisitions? If not, why don’t we start turning our attention to the ocean of bliss and happiness. And believe me, it does not require forfeiting our current pursuits. It just requires love for God. God is my parent. He does not wean me away from whoever and whatever I belong to now. We just need to incorporate God in our lives in His rightful place. There is a place in our life which belongs to God anyway. And until and unless we invoke Him there, life will be devoid of the bliss of God’s companionship.

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