My relationship with my spiritual father is reciprocal…

Points to Ponder: November 4, 2017

Today we will reflect on how God fills the soul. The subtle needs of the depleted, wounded, wearied soul today are purity, love, peace, happiness, bliss and power. We are all desperately looking for fulfillment in people,places and things. However, time and again, we realise that we are still running on empty as we are trying to fill from the empty. So today lets reflect on what could be the alternative? or what was, is and has always been the real but forgotten companion of the soul? Have we ever thought “What is my relationship with God?” A relationship defines the way in which two entities are connected. How am I connected to God? We sing prayers saying God is my father,mother, teacher, friend,guide. We use the term God father. So God is my father. God is not the father of my body, He is “my” father. I am a soul. A father guides, nourishes, protects and provides for the child. God is also doing the same for me, the soul. He is providing nourishment to the soul. He is the ocean of love, peace and power constantly furnishing me with my needs. He is guiding me about conserving my soul power. He is protecting me by educating me about who I am and how I need to take care not to give away my happiness and peace at the drop of a hat. He is constantly beckoning me to think, speak and act with peace. He is calling me to consider my spiritual identity and evaluate the subtle losses of peace, happiness and power that we incur in body consciousness. He is summoning me into a soul conscious way of life.
A relationship is a two way commitment. God is playing the role of my father. Am I being an obedient child? Am I being a child worthy of receiving His love? Am I taking care to follow His teachings and help myself? My relationship with my spiritual father is reciprocal. He can only help me as much as I allow Him to, as much as I surrender to His teachings. God is the master of the Law of Karma. So He cannot override it. However, He is sharing the deepest secrets of the law with His dear children. Are we listening?
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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