The power of truth enables me to transform the apparent to the true…

Points to Ponder: November 5, 2017

Today let us spend some time in awareness.
I am a soul. A shining star. I come alone, I go alone. I am the eternal companion of God. I come to this stage to play a role. I enter the womb when it has sufficiently grown to receive me at about 3 months of its development. I sit in the center of the forehead.  I am the conscient being. When I enter the womb, the first movement of the body takes place. I have the capacity to think and feel independently of my situations and surroundings. I have the capacity to regulate my organs and sense organs. I am the interface between the sense organs and the brain. I have the capacity to choose and decide.
I am aware. I am closely watching everything that is coming through the sense organs. I observe every sound that enters my ears, every visual that my eyes see, every stimulus that my skin receives, every smell that my nose encounters and every input that my mouth receives and take a decision. I am a watchguard sitting between my sense organs and brain, sieving the undesirable, receiving the ideal. My intellect is sharp and powerful. I have clarity about which thoughts lead to a feeling of peace and purity and which of those wean me away from it. I am clear about my aim. I know that I must move every second in peace. I have the power to transform a disturbing thought into a peaceful one. I have the power to transform an apparently unfavourable scene or sound into a favourable one. I use the tool of spiritual knowledge to do so. I keep my intellect full of the truth. This power of truth enables me to transform the apparent to the true.I know that nothing is good or bad, wrong and right. Everything is accurate according to the law of karma.
I hold this awareness as I move through the day. I am peaceful an blissful. Om Shanti!
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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