Do away with the culture of denial…

Points to Ponder: November 8, 2017

Today we will reflect on why do we need to understand spirituality. To begin with, let us understand what Spirituality means. Spirituality means understanding the spiritual truths and spiritual laws governing this universe and living life taking these laws and truths into consideration. Just like science means the same in the context of laws of matter. These spiritual truths and laws exist even if we do not consider them. It is neither that we have a choice nor that we have been totally ignorant about these. But the problem is, we live in a culture of denial. We do not want to accept and work around what we know. We believe that if we wish them away and do not take cognizance of them, they will not operate in my context. However, it does not work like that. 
For example, just take a look at all the people and things and places around us. And ask ourselves one question very deeply. Is anyone or anything permanent and immutable? We know that the answer is a clear “NO”. Everyone and everything is variable and perishable. However, when we operate in the world, we do not consider this. We function as if everybody and everything is meant to stay as it is right now. Any change, and we react as if the impossible happened! As if some law has been broken, some hell broke loose!! Why do we not do away with this culture of denial? Why do we just not accept the truth? Why do we not condition our minds to accept change as an organic and beautiful part of life. We should and must make friends with change. Change is the way and the flavour of life. Resistance makes life miserable. Resistance changes nothing except my peace of mind. 
Understanding these laws of spirituality and practicing these in meditation is the first duty of every individual towards himself.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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