Understanding ego…

Points to Ponder: November 9, 2017

Today we shall reflect on the need for detachment from ego. Ego is defined in the dictionary as one’s idea or opinion of oneself. Let us look at how we have conventionally defined ourselves. I am fair, tall, rich, successful, brave, Indian, a mother, father, a husband or wife etc etc. So this conventional definition of the self usually involves, people, places and things. My state of mind depends on the state of the involved parties. My state of well being also depends on the state of well being of these people, places and things. Ego renders us deeply attached to people, places and things. In such a state of ego, objectivity is lost.
Our attitude and perspective about everything in the world is subject to our ego. I have my story of every story. Ego has a logic and reason of its own. In ego, all my vices are justified. Attachment to people justifies all my hurt, anger, sorrow and myriad other emotions. Attachment to things justifies my greed. Attachment to my own body and other bodies justifies my lust. In such a state, the attention towards karma and its consequences is a far cry. I may understand the law of karma, but I can never find out what karma I am performing because in my story, I am always doing everything right subject to my ego. This is why, most people today feel that they are in the receiving end although they have done nothing wrong. We feel so because all through our journey our ego has been justifying every single act that we performed. In order to free ourselves from this huge karmic debt we are faced with today, the need of the hour is to detach from our own ego, shift to a place of objectivity, identify our karma and then start the journey of karma cleansing. 
We will reflect of how to detach from ego tomorrow.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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