Detachment from ego…

Points to Ponder: November 10, 2017

Today we shall reflect on detachment from ego. Yesterday we understood that ego is an aspect of my self image. Our conventional self image is a product of body consciousness. Body consciousness can be defined as an attitude where our perspective towards everything else is an offshoot of the underlying belief that I am this body. Let me ask myself whether “I am a body” or this is “my body”? This is my body. I am the thinking experiencing being embodying this body. I am the one who is hearing every sound through the ears, seeing every sight through the eyes, expressing the ideas emerging in me through my mouth. I am the one creating thoughts and feelings and taking decisions. To compare with a computer, I am the software, this body is my input output device and brain is my CPU. Now, if I closely observe, all my identities are a product of my body consciousness. My age, height, weight, skin colour, gender, education, qualification, relationships and roles are aspects of this birth and this body. The fact is, I am independent of them. As I detach from this body consciousness and sit in awareness, I detach from ego.
Let me take a few seconds of awareness. I sit in the awareness that I am a subtle entity independent of the body. I am an energy in the form of a small star situated in the center of the forehead. I am separate from this body. I have a choice about what thoughts and feelings to create. I am independent of my surroundings. I am unique and totally in control of my inner world. I emerge my inner peace. I pay attention to the innate part in me that is completely peaceful. As I focus, the peace in me starts to grow. I am aware that karma done in peace is good karma. I am aware that my karma accompanies me through this eternal time cycle. I move through the day in this awareness and peace.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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