True purpose of relationships…in giving we receive…

Points to Ponder: November 12, 2017

Yesterday we understood that each of us are unique souls. Seeing them in the identity of roles might make us not appreciate the uniqueness in them. Today we shall reflect on what is the real purpose of our relationships. Surprisingly, the true purpose of our relationships is not receiving but giving. The rule says, in giving we receive. Let us consider an example where I talk to someone with love. For this, I first create the energy of love within myself. So I am the first one to experience it. Then, as the rule says, you get what you give. So what we give, comes back to us as well. So we doubly receive in this small act of giving. Now let us imagine a world devoid of relationships. How would we then express our inner qualities of love and peace and make them rebound? Now, let me look around myself and thank each and every soul who gives me this opportunity to give. They are actually giving me an opportunity to receive.

Let me sit in awareness. I am a being a love. I am the child of the ocean of love. I am sitting right in the centre of this cosmos. I exude the pleasant energy of love. This world is brimming with love and I am again in the centre bathing in love.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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