…how is it possible that the same God affirms one person’s faith and denounces another one’s belief…

Points to Ponder: November 13, 2017

The world is divided between theists, atheists and agnostics. Those who believe in God claim that their belief is substantiated by concrete experiences and those who don’t also do the same. How is it possible that the same God affirms one person’s faith and denounces another one’s belief. Has it got to do with God or our own beliefs? Is it possible that only when our beliefs about God correspond with the truth about God, they are validated? To take a simple example, suppose I have a request regarding provision of health facilities. I address it to the Transport Ministry due to lack of knowledge. I keep waiting eagerly for a response, also keep sending reminders to them. However, despite my repeated requests and reminders, when my plea is unanswered, I lose faith in the transport Ministry. In this case, who is a fault? Is it not my duty to first educate myself regarding who to address my application to?
Now let me ask myself, do I know God enough? Have I made the effort to educate myself about God? We sing praises about God that He is the remover of sorrow, the purifier, the ever loveful. Have I experienced these qualities of God? If not, why? Has it got something to do with my fallacious interpretation of these terms? Lets take for example, “God is the remover of sorrow”. If I believe that the lack of material wealth is the cause of sorrow and keep waiting for God to make me rich and remove my sorrow, I would definitely be despondent. Because God lives outside this material dimension. He is not the bestower of material riches. Tomorrow we will understand what is truly meant by ” God is the remover of sorrow”.

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