God’s act as the remover of sorrow…

Points to Ponder: November 14, 2017

Today we shall understand why God is known as the remover of sorrow. First, we shall understand what is the cause of sorrow? Sorrow is a product of negative karma. Vice versa, happiness is a product of good karma.
In a state of total surrender to God, He has the power to take away our sorrow arising our of our past negative karma. For example, have you ever experienced that you are in a state of deep sorrow and then you visit some place of worship and just surrender. You do not create any thought of how and why but just surrender. After a while, the heaviness of the heart dies out. The pain and the suffering lowers in intensity and courage emerges. There is a shift in the mood. As if someone just soothed me and filled my heart with relief. One feels equipped to deal with things. What we just experienced is God’s act as the remover of sorrow.
God also performs two other roles in this regard:
1) He educates us about good karma.
2) He gives us the power to perform good karma. 
We will discuss this in detail tomorrow.

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