#Karma influences our state of #health, #relationships and the #situations we encounter…

Points to Ponder: November 15, 2017
Yesterday we understood that happiness is a product of good karma and that God gives us the knowledge and power to perform good karma. There are three types of karma viz. good, bad and neutral. There are three effects of karma. Karma influences our state of health, relationships and the situations we encounter. To very simply put, karma that has a positive effect on these three aspects can be defined as good karma. Karma is performed in three levels viz. At the level of thought, words and actions. Now let us just reflect for a moment- which are the thoughts that ensure positive health? Obviously when are thoughts are based on love and peace.
Negative thoughts are an offshoot of body consciousness. The consideration that I am a body makes me very microscopic and self centred in the way I conduct myself. It is then that negative thoughts of anger, greed, jealousy and comparison seem natural.
God is bodiless. I, the soul am also essentially bodiless.  God facilitates this journey of the soul from body consciousness to soul consciousness by educating us and reminding us everyday about who we are. Slowly, we start to think. And one day we get it. It is then that karma changes as a result of change in consciousness.

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