…alignment between #thoughts, #words and #actions is a necessary prerequisite to good #karma…

Points to Ponder: November 16, 2017

Yesterday we reflected on how God educates us and gives us the power to perform good karma. Today we shall understand how alignment between thoughts, words and actions is a necessary prerequisite to good karma. Let us consider a few examples:
1) My child make a mistake and I correct it with anger.
2) My family member is ill, I take care of them but I am in a lot of pain seeing them in pain.
3) I donate to the needy in a state of ego.
4) I cook in a state of helplessness and constantly think I “have to” cook everyday instead of “I want to cook”.
In all the above cases, the quality of my feelings is in contrast to the quality of my actions. Lets see how?
1) I am correcting the other while my own state of mind needs correction.
2) I am myself hurt and trying to heal the other.
3) I am empty and hollow inside, seeking appreciation while I apparently donate.
4) I am hungry for love and care while I apparently give it in action.
For a moment, let us reflect-are an “angry teacher”, “hurt healer”, “empty donor” and “hungry provider” not oxymoronic in nature?
We will continue to discuss this tomorrow. 

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