What causes misalignment between thoughts, words & actions ?

Points to Ponder: November 17, 2017

Yesterday we saw how our thoughts, words and actions are not always in alignment. Today, we shall reflect on why it is so? We are Spiritual beings operating in the material dimension. We are in fact souls but right now, we are body conscious souls. As a soul, I may have been around in this material dimension for a very long time. I may have taken many births after births and in doing so, may have lost a lot of my soul power. This world follows the law of entropy and when I, the soul am operating in the material dimension, I also get depleted in time. By the depletion of the soul what we exactly mean is that I lose my capacity of peace, purity, bliss, love and power which together is the light of the soul. Now, as a soul, I am in my depleted state and hence my mind, intellect and personality is under the dominance of negative emotions as my original purity is lost. 
But in this world I am identified with the age, gender, skills, position etc that I have by virtue of this present birth and present body. My roles are in accordance with these physical aspects. So, in action or in the outer world as my body grows, I am vested with the role of a giver but my inner being is drained and my role and my spiritual capacity to perform the role do not correspond to each other. This is why, my thoughts and feelings, which are a product of my spiritual quotient are not the alignment with the actions I perform in accordance with my social identity.
We will reflect on how to bring about a realignment tomorrow.

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