How to water the soul…

Points to Ponder: November 18, 2017 

Today we shall understand how to align our inner world with the body, with roles I need to play and the work that is entrusted to me. Does it sound very difficult? Because this is a lot of alignment indeed! Now let us take the example of a tree and ask ourselves how the trunk, the branches, the fruits and every single leaf of a tree stays in heath and alignment? And the answer is very simple. Because the seed is watered well and supplied with the nutrients it needs by the soil. So, in short, if u just take care of the seed, the tree is automatically taken care of. Similarly, if the soul is healthy, the body, roles and the work that we do shall also fall into place. Now how do I enrich myself? The soul is made up of purity, peace, love, bliss and power. God is the ocean of these qualities. By plugging my attention into the being of God, I draw these into myself. The longer I remained plugged in, the richer I become. I need to water my soul with the remembrance of God.
Now let me reflect on how to ensure constant remembrance of God? We remember the one who provides us with our most dominant need of the hour depending on our consciousness. For example, a patient would remember the doctor alone as he is in the conscious awareness that he is a patient. Similarly, if I think deeply, really deeply about the fact that I am a soul, and a depleted one in my present state and contemplate on the fact that God is my eternal companion and my only saviour, my remembrance of God with increase. This remembrance of God as the being of love and peace will fill my heart with the required nourishment.
Tomorrow we shall understand what we really mean by remembrance.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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