How to remember God…remembrance colors my state of mind…

Points to Ponder: November 19, 2017
Today we shall reflect on how to remember God. This remembrance of God is known as “yog” in Hindi and “meditation in English. Yog means a mental connection and this mental connection is what heals the soul. The word meditation originates from the Latin word “Mederi” which means “to heal”. So now let us understand how to establish this mental connect or in simple words how to remember “God”. Let us ask ourselves how we remember other people. Lets say, how do I remember my child? I project the image of my child in my intellect and my mind feels the qualities of my child. So in order to remember someone or something, we have to know the image and the qualities of that one. You cannot remember the one you dont know. For example, if I ask you to remember Mr. Guostu can u? No. Because u dont have his image and his characteristics. Another important thing that we need to understand here is, remembrance colors my state of mind. Take a second and remember someone who you know as very loving towards you. And then take a second and remember someone who you know as exactly the opposite. Can you see the shift in your state of mind accordingly?
So now let me project the form of God as the beautiful, sparkling, attractive point of conscient, non physical light on the screen of my mind. God is known as satyam, shivam, sundaram. He is the ocean of purity, peace, love, power and bliss.So let me feel the beautiful, graceful and benevolent presence of God and stay in His awareness for sometime.

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