History is bound to repeat itself…

Points to Ponder: November 20, 2017

It is said that this world is an interplay of happiness and sorrow, peace and peacelessness. Today we will reflect on whether absolute joy and absolute peace ever existed in this world. Let us ask ourselves a very simple question. Can I conceive of a world where there is absolute joy? Can i paint it, draw it, visualise it, describe it or just feel it? Now let me ask myself another question. Have I ever encountered such a world in this birth? Have I ever come across such a world in the narratives that history and mythology give us? If not, how can I conceive of it? Because my memory is limited to my experiences in life, be it past or current life. So, this means that sometime in the past, there must have existed a world which was pure joy. Unalloyed, unadulterated and absolute joy. This is also why we have in our jargon words like heaven, paradise, el dorado, la la land,utopia, Shangri-la, etc etc. all indicating a land where there is purity, peace, prosperity and absolute delight.
This is the land where physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony exists. It is the place where relationships are not synonymous with bondage. It is a land where man is in harmony with nature. Can u relate to such a time? Do u wish to be part of that time? If yes, then that proves that such a time existed. The best indicator of what was is what u want it to be as the creation is moving in cycles and history is bound to repeat itself. So, there was this time when happiness was not defined as the absence of sorrow, health was not defined as the absence of disease. Such a time was a time of innocence from the dark. Such a time existed and we were a part of it and it is because we forgot what was, we are not able to recreate it.
Tomorrow, we will understand how we can and we should recreate that lost golden era.

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