The world is a product of our collective consciousness…

Points to Ponder: November 21, 2017

Today we shall invoke the golden age or satyug. First of all, let us understand that this world is a product of our collective consciousness. Our consciousness is our state of awareness about something.Consciousness affects our attitude, perspective and action. Our individual consciousness about our self, others and the world put together is manifested in the state of the world. It is said that ” You may think you can and you may think you cant and both are true”. Because our awareness of something affects the possibility of its occurrence. In science, the term “observer effect” means that the act of observing will influence the phenomenon being observed. So, it is imperative that we understand that I am a great power. I influence the world around me. The world is a product of collective consciousness and my consciousness is an integral part of the collective consciousness. I am power.

The kaliyug that we live in is the creation of my consciousness. My consciousness that “this is Kaliyug” is constantly empowering it. My attention on the kaliyugi aspect of this world is rendering it powerful as I am constantly justifying all my “negative actions” as “normal actions” in Kaliyug. The darkness of Kaliyug is a creation of the darkness or oblivion of my mind. Let me awake and arise. Let me introduce myself to my powers. Let me sit in the awareness that I am the creator of my world. Let me take responsibility to detach from what is and focus on how I want it to be. Let me withdraw from empowering Kaliyug. I am contributing to the creation of Satyug.

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