Purity is the foundation of stability…

Points to Ponder: November 22, 2017
Yesterday we explored how our consciousness is responsible for our reality. Today we shall explore what we mean by satyugi consciousness.  Sat means truth. Satyug is an age of truth. The term true stands for not just a state of not being false but also a state of being pure.  We use the term “true gold” to denote unadulterated or pure gold. Satyug is the beginning of the cycle and we are in our best state. 
It is said that “true gold does not fear the refiner’s fire”. The situation outside has no sway over the one who is in a state of purity. It is what is inside that gets triggered by what is outside. If there is no trace of impurity inside, then the external factors have absolutely no influence over us. For example, even if u squeeze a ripe mango really hard, what come out would only be sweet because that is what is contained within. With a lemon, it would always be sour as that is what is contained within. Today, we hold the situations responsible for our instability but it is our impurity which lends power to the situation. Satyug is an age of purity and hence absolute stability.
Now let us reflect on how we move from this current state of impurity to the satyugi state. The process is very simple. By reminding ourselves of it. It is said that consciousness is power. If I remain aware of my pure state and water it with attention, it grows. For example, if there is a pain in your tooth and you pay attention to it, it grows. But if you just get busy watching your favourite programme on television, the pain subsides. Let me sit in awareness and take my attention to my pure self. There is still a part of me, the soul, which is pure and lucid. It is full of faith and goodness. it is full of good wishes and pure feelings. Let me just spend some time with it. Let me dwell on it. It grows and fills my being. I am pure.

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