Kalyugi vs Satyugi Cosnciousness…

Points to Ponder: November 23, 2017
Today we will reflect further on satyugi consciousness. In satyug, the soul is complete. In such a state, a person has a sense of absolute self worth. In Kalyug, a soul is depleted so the lack of self worth is compensated by ego because when I am not intrinsically worthy, I try to create my worth by adding valuable people, places and things to my self identity. My value is proportionate to the sum total of the social worth of people who I belong to, the places I own and the things I have. This is why we desire and strive to become or to be with richer, higher placed and beautiful people because they have greater social value. Likewise,  places and things of higher market value add to my value in kalyug. In satyug, *I am* a valuable being. so where ever I am, whatever I have or whoever I am with does not influence the way I feel about myself.
Now let us understand how we move from this present state to the Satyugi state. It is again simple. I have to remind myself that I am complete. Let me draw my attention inwards and create a thought “I am complete”. I dwell on this thought long enough to convert it to a feeling and again longer enough to convert it to a state of being.

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