In Satyug my inner world is in harmony…

Points to Ponder: November 24, 2017

Today we will again continue to reflect on Satyugi Consciousness. Satyug is an age of harmony. All aspects of life starting from the most subtle to the more gross ones are in perfect consonance with each other. Today we shall explore the harmony between our mind and intellect. My intellect or conscience is my GPS. A pure conscience is a man’s best friend as it is our guiding light as we move from second to second. My conscience is endowed with the power to distinguish true from false, right from wrong, coherent from incoherent, logical from illogical. 
The mind is usually under the influence of sense perception. For the mind, whatever looks good, feels good to the senses is good. But the intellect has the power to delve deep and discern whether it is actually good. In satyug, as the intellect is powerful, it guides the mind and the mind is under its sway. The law, says, if you override your conscience for a number of times, it loses functionality. As we travel through the time cycle, we defy our conscience a lot of times and slowly, the intellect grows weak and the mind takes over. God is called the restorer of conscience. Let me tune my mind into the being of God. God is the ocean of knowledge. Let me listen to Him. God speaks to me on a daily basis. Let me try to realign my thoughts, words and actions with the wisdom of God. Slowly, I move towards balance.

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