Satyug is an age of male and female synergy…

Points to Ponder: November 25, 2017

Today we will reflect further on the harmony of satyug. In satyug, there exists synergy between the male and the female. Satyug is depicted by the four armed image of Shri Vishnu where two arms belong to Shri Lakshmi and another two to Shri Narayan. In the satyugi state, the male and the female are in cooperation with each other. In the present state, the male and the female are in competition with each other. Competition is an offshoot of ego. In the competitive state I am always better or worse that the other. So my identity and worth are relative to the other and I exist relative to the other. This is why, today when someone is good, I am either better or worse than that someone. But in reality, my identity is absoulte. I am unique and my existence is an absolute existence where I have a definite place and a definite role in this world drama. My role and my worth are unique to my being. I am not positioned before or after anybody. I am positioned uniquely. In satyug, every soul is a realised soul and is seated on the throne of self honour. A soul respects who they are and carry on with their role infusing it with the positivity of self respect. This can ideally be described as a world where everybody is in their right minds and mind their own business.
It is said that understanding is seeing and seeing is becoming. If I can understand what satyug was like, then I can feel it with the power of my mind and whatever my mind can perceive will be reflected in my conduct. Any form of behaviour, when replicated for a certain number of times, becomes a habit and soon starts colouring my personality. So what starts as reflection will soon be reflected in my actions. So, technically,as we create, nurture, and sustain satyug in our minds everyday, we are drawing it closer as a reality.

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