We do as we are and we become as we do…

Points to Ponder: November 27, 2017

Today we shall revisit the importance of practicing satyugi consciousness. For this let us explore two statements.
1) We do as we are.
2) We become as we do. 
Both these sentences put together are the reason underlying the present human condition. We are everyday reinforcing our present self because we are repeatedly coming into action in accordance with our present consciousness thereby bolstering it more firmly. This situation can best be described as a loop of being, doing and becoming. Changing our consciousness with the power of true knowledge to change our actions for a sufficiently long time so as to shift our consciousness permanently is the only way out of this predicament. 
Let us understand this through an example. Suppose I am into a food habit which is not so healthy. Now if I read and brood over long enough on the benefits of healthy eating, I start changing my food patterns bit by bit. This exercise, when performed for a sufficiently long time, with adequate will power while continuously observing and appreciating the benefits arising out of the new food pattern, can stabilise into a good habit over time. After it becomes a habit, I wont require a lot of effort but only a little attention to sustain it. Similar is the case with all our sanskars. Tomorrow we will explore more on this.

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