Understanding the mind…

Points to Ponder: November 28, 2017
Yesterday we saw that  changing our consciousness temporarily with the power of true knowledge to change our actions for a sufficiently long time so as to shift our consciousness permanently is the only way out of the present human predicament. Today we shall continue to reflect more on this. Let us see how our mind works. For this, let’s take an example. Consider a pitcher full of muddy waters. Now if I ask you to clean the water without touching the pitcher, how do you do it? You release a freshwater tap on the pitcher and slowly the muddy water gets replaced by fresh water.
Similar is our mind. Today our mind is full of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. There is no way we can empty it. The only way out is to keep infusing positive, powerful and elevated thoughts until they fill our mind profusely and percolate into the realms of feelings and emotions.
The conventional way to deal with negativity is to resist it. Like most of us keep repeating to ourselves that I don’t have to be angry or fearful or sad but the law says whatever you resist will persist. Our mind does not understand language. It thinks in pictures. If I tell u don’t think about a green apple, your mind creates the image of a green apple. So choose the way you talk to your mind very very carefully. Tell your mind I am peaceful instead of I don’t want to be angry. Be a good, informed and powerful master and the mind would love to be your servant.

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