We love our ego more than our self…

Points to Ponder: November 29, 2017
Today we will reflect on why is it that although we very well understand that we should be peaceful, that love is the panacea for all ills, that happiness is a choice, we still choose peacelessness, anger and sorrow over these? God tells us that you are a soul and your basic nature is peace, purity, love, bliss and power. And we believe it too. Then why is it that these appear so distant to us? 
There is the self and there is the ego. The self is the pure, peaceful soul that I am. Ego is my sense of personal identity based on my physical, social, professional status. The one who is not self aware is in ego. We love our ego more than our self. This is because we are more aware of our ego as our identity as that is what we are taught since childhood. This is why, we lose our self(peace, purity) at the drop of a hat and protect our ego at any cost. Let us understand this through an example. Let us think of a situation yesterday where someone said something to me about myself that I think was not right. In this incident, this person is taking to his mental image of me. Similarly, I have my mental image of myself. And when his talk doesn’t correspond with my image of myself i.e when he could not please my ego, I get hurt. But the problem is in this whole exercise, I move from a state of peace to peacelessness and actually I lose the essence of my self which is peace in order to protect my ego. Tomorrow we will understand what our attitude should be in such a case.
But today, it is important that we reflect very deeply on the fact that I am actually a pure soul and the state of my inner world is my first priority. Come what may, I pledge to not give away my peace and happiness.

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