Having a powerful intellect is the key to having a peaceful mind…

Points to Ponder: December 2, 2017
Today we shall understand the process of awakening. Awakening is depicted by an open third eye. The third eye is the eye of wisdom. Normally, my mind is under the influence of sense perception and memory. Since neither the information coming through sense perception nor the information contained in memory is usually pleasent, the mind does not usually experience positive feelings.
Wisdom is a gift from God. God becomes a teacher at the end of Kalyug and imparts wisdom. This wisdom can be received and contained in the intellect of the one who is interested, seeks, recognises and chooses to study from God on a daily basis. Since the wisdom received from God is very powerful, the one who makes an effort to align himself with God’s teachings is successful in arriving at a very powerful intellect. The mind can only be controlled by a powerful intellect. This is why when the third eye is open, although we perceive the same things people, actions and situations, our response is now peaceful, loveful and powerful because this the essence of God. Tomorrow we will discuss how God becomes a teacher and also the contents of divine wisdom.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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