GOD’s knowledge purifies the human mind…

Points to Ponder: December 4, 2017
Yesterday we saw how the Supreme Soul collaborates with a human to create a new world order. Today we shall understand the importance of wisdom or knowledge in this creation.
I, the soul am made up of seven innate qualities that collectively can be called “the light of the soul”. The qualities are knowledge, purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss and power. The order or these qualities is very important. Knowledge leads to purity. Our mind today is riddled with numerous thoughts that can be categorized into four main types namely positive, negative, waste and necessary. Let us try to define these thoughts in order to understand our mind better. Thoughts based on negative emotions like lust, anger, attachment, fear, comparison, criticism, greed, ego, self doubt etc are negative. For example, thoughts like I cant do it or I can’t do without this, that, her and him or how dare he? are negative thoughts. Waste thoughts are thoughts about people and situations that are not in our control. Thinking about the past, future and the other is waste thinking. Necessary thoughts involve the day’s planning and positive thoughts are thoughts based on positive emotions of peace, love, hope and faith. Now if we closely observe, most of our thoughts are negative or waste in nature.
The role of knowledge is in identifying waste and negative  thoughts and changing them into positive, powerful and purposeful thoughts. God is famously called out to give the serenity to accept that which we cannot change, to give the courage to change that which we can and impart the wisdom to identify what we can change and what we can’t and this exactly is the role of God’s knowledge.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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