Thoughts become things.

Points to Ponder: December 7, 2017

Today we shall explore the power of a thought. Can you count the number of seeds in an apple? Can you count the number of apples in a seed? Thoughts are like seeds. We can count the number of thoughts we create but it is very difficult to realise the potential of each single thought. A thought is just a thought. It comes and goes. Often unnoticed. But sometimes it stays and then it lingers on the mind long enough to become a feeling and then sometimes it sticks around longer enough to become an emotion. We have all heard the expression thoughts become things. Because it is our inner world, my thoughts, feelings and emotions which determine my attitude and consequently my actions. To take the series further, actions what are replicated many times become habits and many habits put together make my personality. Birds of the same breed flock together. So, I draw towards myself people who are similar to my personality and eventually I and my relationships are my world.
To understand the power of a thought, let us take the example of a candle flame. How powerful is it? Not very. You can easily wade your finger through it. Now just hold your finger and the flame together. How long can you do that? Now replace your finger with an iron rod. If held sufficiently long, a small flame can even affect the iron rod. Similarly, any thought, whether positive or negative has the power to change our personality and our world depending on how long we hold on to it. Today just sit in awareness and watch very carefully what you are holding on to and this ,I think will answer all he questions that are troubling us about our current state.  
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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