Rajyoga Meditation is about creating “Elevated Thoughts”

Points to Ponder: December 8, 2017

Yesterday we saw how a thought can affect my entire world depending on how long I hold on to it. The quality of “My world”which compromises of my inner world, my body and my relationships follows the quality of my thoughts. Rajyoga Meditation as taught in Brahma Kumaris is about creating elevated thoughts and holding them in the vessel of our mind long enough from them to percolate into and colour my entire world. 
For this, let us first understand what an elevated thought is. An elevated thought is an absolute idea based on fundamental spiritual truths. It is often not the same thing as positive thought. A positive thought has an opposite but an elevated thought doesn’t. For example, “He is bad” is a negative thought. “He is good” is a positive thought but “He is what he is and my perception makes him good or bad” is an elevated thought. Let us take another example. “They did it to me” is negative thought. “They did not do it to me” is a positive thought but “They did not do it to me, it happened to me in accordance with my karmic journey” or another one “It happened, but it did not happen to me” is an elevated thought. Elevated thoughts are based on fundamental spiritual truths. One of these truths is that I am a soul. I am separate from the body. I have the choice to detach from sense perception. I have the choice to create the thought I want. I am not subservient to my environment. When my thoughts are based on this awareness, they are elevated in nature.
Elevated thinking frees us from the swing of positive and negative thinking. It is independent of the object of my thought. It is based on the awareness that I am complete and in truth independent of the people, places and things that I have identified with for so long. Tomorrow we shall understand the formula to hold a thought.
In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

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